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Frozen Ground up North

Just got back from a little road trip up north installing a 60×132 cold storage¬†clearspan for Target. Shout out to our Tent Ox that crushed it pounding in stakes into the frozen asphalt.

construction tent clearspan

construction tent clearspan structure

tent ox

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More restaurant patios

Been slacking on event posts, here’s one with just did with a 30×45 Navi Trac over a restaurant patio, with drum shade lighting…

30x45 tent rental drum shades

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Working on a fairly large project for a local hotel with over 10,000 square feet of tent structure, walls, and flooring. Here’s some of our initial renderings:

hotel structure tent rendering

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Here’s some shots from start to finish on a permanent resale we did for a local hotel group. Everything needed to be done here from cement, HVAC work(exterior and interior), carpet, and obviously all the tenting.

tent at venue install

tent carpet removal

hotel tent fabric

tent outside hvac

tent front glass doors

tent interior with chandeliers

interior tent glass doors

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Starting a new venue

Hotels routinely use tents and structures as additional venue space. More venue space equals more revenue.

Here’s the start of a project at a local hotel. Every detail needs to be looked at with a fine tooth comb; cement pad, HVAC, climate control, weather proofing, carpet, electrical, lighting, etc…

hotel venue tent space


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Holiday Warming Tents

30×40 “warming tent” that we installed in -5 degree wind chills on Monday. Burr. The tent stays up for a lights festival from now until January.¬†They’ll be serving hot chocolate, hot dogs, and coffee as a way of warming up and getting people out of the cold wind.

holiday tent rental

And of course you need to heat it….

tent propane

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2nd Dining Room

Transformation Complete.

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We really like to tent over restaurant patios. Here’s one we finished today in Oak Brook. If you do it right, the added space really extends the entertaining area. The restaurant now has the ability to book twice as many events or events double the size, especially when this patio would have been useless in the winter…

Navi Trac Tent Interior

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We are using about 500 lbs of propane a day to heat this small 900 sq. foot tent from 8am-11pm everday. The customer wants it to stay a constant 75 degrees, and with the outside temp at 10 we’re definitely burning through the gas. Think of it as about 25 of those small tanks that you use on your outdoor grill…

The heaters actually don’t “use” all of the propane, but they need a large supply to draw from or they will shut down or start blowing cool air.

Most customers don’t know the ins and outs of tent heating, BTU’s, and propane usage. Give us a call and we’ll give you a quick lesson!

Tent Heaters

heat up the tent

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Glass Tent Doors. Yes, they’re available…

If you really want a finished look, opt for the doors…

Glass Tent Door

Glass Tent Door 2

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