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Meet one of our account reps, Tim, sporting the Blue Peak polo. This good looking guy knows tents like the back of his hand. A lot of the quality work you see us do starts with Tim.

Tent Rental Sales Rep

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That’s right, we’re not just a one-trick pony of installing perfect wedding tents. We can repair too….

Industrial sewing machine tent repair

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2014, Here We Come!

With whiter and brighter tents than ever before. We can’t stand it when we see tents put up by other companies that are all dirty. That’s just not right, man. Clean, bright, and white – the only way to go.

Tent Cleaning

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Warehouse East

Foolin’ w/ the iPhone, east side of the warehouse:

blue peak tents warehouse

Everyone always asks what we do in the winter, but we have a lot of equipment to tend to. Your next event is our priority around here.

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One of the funnier parts about this picture is one of our other guys creeping in the background…

blue peak tents shirt

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Nice vest, bro

Tent Vest

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Blue Peak Does Vegas

Hittin up the American Rental Association trade show in Vegas this week, looking at and buying all the new products that make your events better. We didn’t see any other Chicagoland rental company at the show, so who do you want to work with?

Blue Peak Tents in Vegas

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Movin’, Movin’, Movin’..

New place starting to come together, piece by piece. Good thing it’s only next door!

Tent Warehouse

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Almost done with this 8400 sq. foot floor to go under a 60×140 Century Tent. Pics of the complete job to come later!

Tent Floor

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Oh, downtown..

Weekday trip to downtown Chicago for the removal of a 30×75 Navi Trac Frame Tent.

30x75 Navi Trac Chicago


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80 degrees on St. Patty’s Day in Chicago?

We do block parties every now and again. Here’s a few pics from today’s event, this 30×45 Navi Trac Frame Tent holds the stage and the band…

30x45 Navi Trac Frame Tent

30x45 Frame Tent

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New Space

As most of our clients know already, we’re moving into a new and improved space. Here’s a sneak preview pic.

Tent Warehouse

With loads and loads and loads of canvas coming in.

Tent Canvas

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The Making of a Festival

First, you need to find a reliable tent company…like us! Here’s the view at 6 AM:

Festival Tent 1

7 AM: Tents being unloaded. I had to insert the free advertising from the side of the truck…

Festival Tent 2

8 AM: Bright and White, just how we like them!

Festival 40x120 Tent

9 AM: Tent #1 done and working on more!

Festival Tent 40x120

And we’re done. What you don’t see is the 20×30 Century Frame tent hiding to the right of the picture. So next time you do a fest, call us, we do it right and we do it quickly!

Festival Tents

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Behind the scenes…

No sweat on Tim’s t-shirt yet, he must not be working hard enough ha.

Well…the 60×80 is up and square. Now we just make sure everything is secure.

This is what you’re event will look like before all the magic happens to transform it into a perfect event space.

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Tenting on Staging

We use Bil Jax Staging for doing level tent floors and staging. Here is 400 sq. feet of it freshly unloaded.

Level Tent Floor

It needs to be level…

20x20 Century Tent on Bil Jax

Band Tent

A local festival uses our tenting and staging for their bands over the weekend. Looks like they got a pretty good crowd!

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