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Closing of the Tevatron

In Batavia, IL, the particle accelerator known as the “Tevatron” is closing down. It’s now the 2nd largest particle accelerator next to the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. In its rememberance, Fermi National Laboratory is throwing a party!

30x120 Navi Trac

30×120 Navi TracStructure on 10′ legs. 2000 pound cement blocks anchor this bad boy down.

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Lake Barrington Wedding

Wedding Tents Barrington IL

Wedding Tent Marquee

Reception tent, 150 foot marquee tent connecting to the house, prep tent, and connected washroom tent.

Wedding Tent Barrington IL

There’s nothing better than a tent at sunset!

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Need a floor? Yeah…we do that

3200 sq. feet, that’s a lot of wood!

Tent Floor

Tent Floor Carpet

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A small, backyard affair

Even small events can be elegant! Check out this event we did over the weekend. Just 50 guests under a 20×60 Century Frame Tent.

Chiavari Chairs

Chiavari Chairs are used in ballrooms a lot, but you can use them for your outdoor events too!

20x60 Century Frame Tent

Backyard wedding tent

The chefs started cooking while we were there taking pictures so of course I had to get a pic of the food. I think the menu said Duck…

Wedding Tent

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The Making of a Festival

First, you need to find a reliable tent company…like us! Here’s the view at 6 AM:

Festival Tent 1

7 AM: Tents being unloaded. I had to insert the free advertising from the side of the truck…

Festival Tent 2

8 AM: Bright and White, just how we like them!

Festival 40x120 Tent

9 AM: Tent #1 done and working on more!

Festival Tent 40x120

And we’re done. What you don’t see is the 20×30 Century Frame tent hiding to the right of the picture. So next time you do a fest, call us, we do it right and we do it quickly!

Festival Tents

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