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Get a door on your tent

We did this tent today, 60×80 Century Tent, clear walls, and doors. There’s acutally two doors – one on each side. White, French-style, glass doors…perfect for entrance and exits.

Door #1….

60x80 Century Tent with door

Door #2…

60x80 tent and door

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After the great flood…

I don’t know how many visitors we get from different regions around the United States, but as most of you know we were pretty much under water last week. I have never seen so much rain. So below was a pic from Thursday….

And below was a pic from Friday…

tent in snow

So after the great flood came bitter cold temps, howling winds, and about 1/4 inch of snow. Yes, that’s ice on top of the tent.

clear top tent on patio

And here was a pic from Sunday. 63 degrees and sunny. We put up this clear top tent with clear walls for a memorial event. Moral of the story…you can’t predict the weather in Chicago, so get a tent!

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Dance Floor Final Touches

Getting all of our dance floor sections ready for the next year is a process. We clean them, strip them, clean them again, and then add about four coats of wax to make it nice and shiny. Below is our parquet floor, but we do this to all of our dance floors…

tent dance floor

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Custom Floor

We forgot the camera on the installation, so this is a removal shot of a custom floor we did around a deck. We ended up putting a tent over the entire thing, including the deck itself.

Tent Floor

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