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Rare Festival post

We rarely post about any festivals that we do, so I thought I might post a few pics of a local festival we were apart of this past weekend.

navi trac tent


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Working on a fairly large project for a local hotel with over 10,000 square feet of tent structure, walls, and flooring. Here’s some of our initial renderings:

hotel structure tent rendering

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What a week

Well, the last week it has rained every single day….except for today(which is beautiful). Last night made up for not raining today though as we got 5.5″ of rain in the last 24 hrs.

This past weekend we had several wedding events go off flawlessly, however. Here’s some pics of a local wedding – 120 guests under 59×59 Sailcloth Tent.

lanterns sailcloth tent

lanterns tent rental

59x59 tidewater sailcloth tent

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Small level floor

Only 800 sq. foot tent and leveled floor, but thought it may be blog worthy.

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Pool Party Perfection

20x40 Clear Top Tent

20×40 clear-top tent.

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Blank Stares

That moment when you walk into your tent thinking it’s empty only to find 25 sets of eyes staring back….


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